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Through our partnership agreement for all e-cigarette and e-liquid franchises, we are committed to exclusive support throughout the process.
We will put at your disposal our brand of leader, our catalog and our network at the service of your development and especially your success. A network structured within each one can develop, flourish, be accompanied and realize its objectives.

R & D

Since 2013 J WELL has strived to build a Research & Development team comprised of specialists in the fields of mechanics, electronics, engineering and design in order to bring to market products boasting unrivalled performance and revolutionary innovation. The application of these specialised skills has allowed the brand consistently to develop its range of products and to spread its reach globally.

Our classic and premium e-liquids (all AFNOR certified and fully compliant with the Directive des Produits du Tabac) are crafted with the utmost care by our flavour experts. They are diacetyl-free, ambrox-free, and acetyl propionyl-free. We use only the highest-quality raw materials to obtain exceptional results, crafting products which deliver our consumers consistent enjoyment; as styles and fashions move with the changing of the seasons, we regularly innovate new collections and flavours to offer our consumers the widest possible choice.


The quality of a commercial location largely depends on the success of your project. The location of your e-cigarette franchise, ideally 30 to 70 m2, will be located in the city center, in a very accessible and visible street. A location N ° 1 or N ° 1bis is strongly recommended and this as well in downtown as in shopping center.

Store Layout

Because your core business is sales and advice, we guide you from A to Z so that your point of sale is a future reference of the market. As for the layout, simply send the plans for your future e-cigarette franchise to our planning department to receive a furniture placement plan, 3D photo and even video renderings to project you and your home. to better arrange your spaces. This allows you to create boutiques of the studied standard, worthy of the brand but without any headaches on your side and especially for an extremely affordable cost thanks to our dedicated furniture manufacturing service. Provide an estimated budget between 10K € and 15K €.

Pricing Policy

Our products’ tariff packages are meticulously calculated to correlate with market demand, guaranteeing fair margins so that your business can develop smoothly. We offer a contractual guarantee of geographical exclusivity, preventing the establishment of other J WELL outlets within a collaboratively-specified radius.


Inevitably a great deal of know-how is acquired through the growth of such a vast commercial network, so J WELL offers generalised and specialised training in every field of the vaping market. From simple guidance on our products’ operation, thorough instruction on electronic safety, or even legislation and compliance training, our network franchisees are guided to professional excellence by a dedicated network manager. Training is voluntary, and is offered exclusively to J WELL network members.


J WELL is also an increased visibility on the internet. The international showcase website jwellstores.com allows a meticulous presentation of all the products of the brand. It is a benchmark for all professionals seeking technical information on products. For the online sales aspect, each franchisee may have his own website in order to generate additional revenue. Of course, J WELL accompanies each of its franchisees in electronic cigarette in this process by proposing a professional specialist of these merchant websites.


J WELL is active in every form of networking and communication. Recognising the role of modern means of communication, dedicated J WELL pages can be found on every social networking site. Moreover, J WELL boasts a dedicated community management team ready to respond to any and all queries and offer information on our products and services.


On of the strongest assets of our brand is its ability to push the quality of its marketing to extremes. Each new product comes with high-quality point-of-sale documentation, posters and brochures, created by graphic designers as enamoured of J WELL’s products as we are!

After-Sales Service

Our products are all subject to special tests and attention at each stage of their production but we are never safe from defects. With a return rate of less than 5% and a dedicated service, we guarantee you and your customers the peace and reliability of our products. We guarantee all our e-cig franchises in the network, the processing of your service returns in 8 working days.


Our warehouse is located in France, your orders made on our web interface will be delivered in express to D + 1 everywhere in France and you will thus be able to operate in fl ux tension.
To function well, you will need to have products to sell, we do not impose products or minimum but it is advisable to start with a complete assortment of our products to meet the demand of your future customers that corresponds at 12-15K €.


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