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Since 2012

J WELL was founded by Olivier Sarfati in 2012; the e-cigarette had by then arrived on the French market and a growing community of vapers was forming.
At that time the few retailers operating within the e-cigarette market had little appeal from a marketing perspective, particularly in their approach to design, shop-fitting, and the supply quality of hardware and e-liquids available for purchasers
J WELL opened its first store on Paris’ Rue de Maubeuge, placing strong emphasis on a targeted marketing strategy, products that showcased innovative design, and sophisticated and diverse product ranges; J WELL’s position as a premium brand in the very vanguard of the e-cigarette market was secured.
At the time of its establishment J WELL was the only monobrand (e-liquids and devices) participant on the market in France, a factor that paid dividends in cementing the brand’s power. Expansion under JWELL’s franchising model was a clear success, making it the company with the highest new store opening rates for 2013/2014 (110 new boutiques within a single year).
The astounding pace of store openings facilitated massive investment in production and logistics. In 2013 J WELL established a dedicated e-liquid bottling factory just south of Paris, allowing the company complete autonomy in the creation, manufacture and distribution of its e-liquids. 2014 saw J WELL’s continued expansion across France and in Europe at large.
Off the back of this rapid growth, and with ever-increasing demand from the network of J WELL boutiques, the company founded its assembly plant in China, a place in which the creation of new products could be catalysed by the changing demands of the marketplace and in which complete mastery of production methods could be attained through continued innovation.

Given its success in French and European territories (Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary…), J WELL decided to give equal focus to its expansion further afield (Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Peru, Russia, Belarus…) in the last quarter of 2015.
2016 saw the expansion go from strength to strength as J WELL teamed up with a growing number of partners in these overseas markets.

After its foundationJ WELL became the leading global network within this industry, and has remained at the head of the pack in France. We have international market presence in more than 25 countries, notably in Russia, USA, Canada, Peru, China, Japan and Malaysia.

Europe :

France : 126 boutiques, with 10 new boutiques expected in 2017

Italy : A key European market, J WELL products are distributed in more than 200 vape shops. 5 new J WELL stores to be established by the end of 2017

Germany : Ongoing project to open 3 new boutiques

United Kingdom : 4 boutiques and 5 upcoming store openings

Belgium : 5 boutiques established through the ‘Master Franchise’ system; 1 upcoming opening

Holland : J WELL network currently developing throughout the Netherlands; already present in 5 boutiques

Ukraine : J WELL boutiques

Romania : First boutique opened at the end of 2016; 10 new store openings due in 2017

International :

China : An exclusive master franchise distributor- 25 boutiques opened in 2016; 50 new openings expected in 2017, with a view to reaching the goal of 300 boutiques by 2020

Japan : An exclusive master franchise distributor, with the opening of a flagship store in Tokyo expected in 2017, and 50 boutiques by the end of 2018

Canada : An exclusive master franchise distributor, with the opening of a flagship store in Toronto (Ontario) in 2017 and 10 boutiques by mid-2018

U.S.A : 50 vape shops distributing J WELL products in dierent states; negotiations underway with investors and/ or distributors for American network development

Peru : 5 J WELL boutiques

Algerie : 2 J WELL boutiques and approximately new openings expected in 2017


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